sabato 24 giugno 2017

Learning about Google apps and Chrome

Summer has arrived but we are still working on our CPD. The life of a life-long learner  teacher  is continuing and I am involved in finishing some activities online in spite of the hot and sunny days  we have.
Simplek12 is providing free CPD about important apps and the best presenters have shared their tips regardings some important tools which we can use with our learners . I have followed some webinars online and now they are available for free.
I have chosen some I have seen  and which I think can helpl other  to develop and become tech-savy.
                                   An   Introduction to Google Drive and Tools

15 Free Web Tools from Google 
Time saving Forms, Surveys, and Quizzes with Google Forms
Google Chrome Web Tools

                             Formative  Assessment with Chromebooks Tools

Tips                            Creating   Templates with Google  Slides

I hope more teachers will take advantage of these great tools which  are free and also user-friendly.

venerdì 23 giugno 2017

Internet and ELT: sharing is caring

Thanks to the Internet we have access to plenty of resources - some are free while others are not. In some cases, we can rely on open education resources online ( OER)  and educators can build their lessons on what is online, in some other cases they need to give credit to the owner of the image or any source which has been used.
I like to surf the web and I have found a lot of interesting websites where I can find sources for my ELT lessons. I use videos from Youtube or the BBC, my students can rely on free lessons in English which have been shared by educators or  ELT  bloggers.
Here is a list of the best sources where I have found interesting documents or videos which can be used while working online with my students.
Most of them are videos and lesson plans or teaching units/modules which have been collected and developed by other teachers.You need to have an account but in most cases you can develop your lessons and work with your students online and also at school.


You can learn about OER online or you can watch this interesting video: it deals with resources which are free and can be used with the appropriate license. I think it is worth sharing and should be watched by teachers who work or prefer to work without using a textbook and work by using the so-called flipped classroom model  .

I will  have to learn more about credits and  resources which are free but  I think that we have to rely on these  tools as more and more education is in the cloud .  

domenica 11 giugno 2017

MM10 Showcase of courses

11th  June  2017

The end of the Mooc

After one month we could finish our activities on   MM10.  Five week spent online working and  learning  together!!

The Mooc started in May- I just decided to do it  feeling  a bit  worried as I had  given up MM9  in  November.  This time  I  managed and I could work in a Team and an  Individual Course. You can find more in my posts.

Here is the  slide which  Dr.  Nellie shared with us and which we created to showcase our courses:

We were great and she guided us. I hope I will have the possibility to continue learning online and

work on great courses which I have  created.

Thank you  Nellie  and  the  other  Teachers  who worked with us!!


mercoledì 7 giugno 2017

MM10 Week 5 Manager of a Moodle Site



I was given the right to  work on the  TRAINING SECTION and create my course.

My Individual  Course
I worked on my course about  English and Literature in  Week 5  and I could explore the many features and activities which  you can  add when you are working on Moodle. I really liked it.
It was a pity.... the course was going to finish. 
I have learnt  a lot .... and  I wish to thank  Dr.  Nellie Deutsch for the great course  which she  provided by running this  MOOC. 

                                   PRESENTING MY COURSE: HOW I CREATED IT


                                                          ENROLMENT METHOD

                                         GRADES   EXPLAINED BY  DR. NELLIE

                                                         FRONTPAGE BY DR. NELLIE

                                             GRADES IN MOODLE: MY  VIDEO  TUTORIAL

                                                           CREATING  BADGES

                                           FRONTPAGE  : MY  VIDEO  TUTORIAL

                                        PRESENTING THE COURSE AT THE END OF WEEK 5

domenica 28 maggio 2017

MM10 Week 3-4 Collaborative Course Design


Week 3-4

In weeks 3 and 4  we worked in teams to design a course.
We were asked to document the steps and to reflect on the process. Finally we had to share the final module of our  lesson in the topic section  using  screencast-o-matic and to publish the recording on Youtube or Vimeo.

It was a new experience as I had never worked on line with other Teachers and  we were good at it as we made interesting blocks dealing with  the issue of our  course.

Here are my  videos:

                                           TEAM COURSE COLLABORATION


Dr. Nellie  created a padlet where all the teachers who were working  in Week 3-4  posted the links to  their videos:

Made with Padlet

We all developed  great  courses and  I think that some of us will start working online by using  this  PLATFORM: MOODLE is really great as it is user-friendly and it provides  a lot of interesting  activities for our learners.

giovedì 18 maggio 2017

MM10 Week 3 Blocks available to a Manager


This week we learnt a lot - these were the main objectives: 
  • Teaming up for the collaborative courses
  • Discuss the role of a manager of a school and in a Moodle course
  • Explore Moodle Tools in the  Manager  Practice  Area ( MPA)
  • Document the blocks available Moodle MOOC 10 main course area as a student.
  • Document the blocks available in the MPA as a manager of the course by showing how to add blocks. 
  • Work in teams to design a course.
  • Document the steps and reflect on the process using screencast-o-matic and publish the recording on Youtube or Vimeo. 
We had to work on the TEAMWORK POLICY DOCUMENT as we were a Group: we followed  Nives and created ours.  I had to choose and work on the theme which had been suggested by one teacher in the Moodle. We started working together. 
    Here is the video showing you what we created as a team in week 3-4: you will find  the descriptions of the activities in the next posts.  This is the final output of what we worked on together. I did not speak while recording as each teacher had to describe
    his/her part and I just wanted you to see what we worked on. An interesting topic which was  presented in different subjects and by many Teachers who worked together.
    I think that we worked well!!

                              WE ARE ALL IN THIS  TOGETHER

Here you can see my video for this week's activities :
We shared our videos in the  Padlet  :

Made with Padlet

domenica 14 maggio 2017

MM10: Week 2 Course Design with Activities and Resources


This week we were asked to reflect on the features of  an effective
course design.

We worked on the TPA ( TEACHER PRACTICE AREA). This was the practical area of the Moodle where we discovered the main
resources and activities which we can use when designing our courses. 
Here are my videos for this week's activities : 

                                                     RESOURCES IN THE TPA

                                                    ACTIVITIES IN THE  TPA

Here is the link to the padlet  created by  Nellie Deutsch  for all the videos we made: