mercoledì 7 febbraio 2018

Rewordify for better learning and understanding texts

Rewordify is a useful free tool which can be used  by learners when reading.

Here is the link to the tool:

It is a modern tool which can be used by  teachers teaching  English and  to help their learners.
It can help to understand and summarize texts but it is also useful for learning new  words or for developing the  reading strategies of learners who are  learning on their own.

Here are some inteesting  videos showing us what you can do with this free tool:


I want to thank  Shelly  Sanchez Terrell who introduced this tool in one of her fabulous webinars online and the tutors  working in a  course by Zanichelli in Italy who have reminded me that  this tool can enhance the  students' reading   strategies.  I will write about this course in one of my next posts. 

martedì 6 febbraio 2018

Safer Internet Day

6th February is   " Safer Internet Day". I have done one  Mooc about  this event which involves schools and educators.

I found this interesting video which I am going  to share with my students as they are often online and need to be more aware of the risks they might  have to face when living and working online.

Watch the video and  think about  what we should teach our students.

Check more tips about how to teach about this issue:

domenica 31 dicembre 2017


Hoping that the coming year  2018 may

be smart and bring  peace 


venerdì 29 dicembre 2017

Digital Summit December 2017 (2)

Day 5  19th  December 2017

Sarah  Thomas - How to learn from  a world of  educators

Sarah Thomas explained how  social networks like Twitter made her learn about  ideas and technology and she started to work together with  other  educators to enhance  learning and teaching by using  modern  technology.
In order to know more about the network and her PLN  you should check these  links :     you can  download free ebooks from the web site : they provide  examples of  what educators are sharing.

What hashtags to follows :


Here are the replies of some educators to her  engaging conference: check the flipgrid 
More events were held online , I am going to write more in the next days.

Day 6  20th  December 2017

Plan Smarter , not  Harder with Edu-protocols  by   John Corippo

Day 7  21st  December 2017

How to make   Learning  a  Game

Day 8  22nd   December  2017
Chrome Book: Crash course : what you need

Day 9  23rd  December   2017
What schools can learn from Start-up  culture

mercoledì 27 dicembre 2017

Digital Summit December 2017 (1)

December 2017- free events on line

The Digital Summit took place this  December. It was an international and free online event for educators.  Nine  events which will disappear  by the end of this month.

Day 1    15th  December

Where  Pedagogy and Technology collide-  Tanya and Holly

"Kids learn  better from each other  "

Key ideas expressed in the video conference

- Use Hyperdocs
- Incorporate technology in existing  projects
- Use Seesaw as a digital portfolio tool

from the two presenters the book they published this year  " The Google -Infused- Classroom"
Google Infused Classroom link to the book online

Day 2   16th  December  2017

The Science of  Happiness  - A  conference with  Kim Strobel  

Key ideas  expressed in the conference

  1. Teachers need to take control of their own well-being   
  2. Happiness can  bring more productivity 
  3. Play and Laughter need to be incorporated into the classroom and workplace 

How we can love  life : this will help us  as educators and  people who live  their  lives  in a positive way.
Follow these  tips
  • take time to play
  • find things to be grateful
Link to her website and blog :

Day 3  17th  December 2017

Presentation by  Pooja Agarwal

Retrieval practice” is a learning strategy where we focus on getting information out. Through the act of retrieval, or calling information to mind, our memory for that information is strengthened and forgetting is less likely to occur. Retrieval practice is a powerful tool for improving learning without more technology, money, or class time.

An interesting approach that can help  teachers and learners: I will  have to search online and  check how it works.

links online :

Day 4  18th December 2018


How in the Google Did You Do That?!?

Presentation  by  Eric Curts

Google Slides, Google Sheets and Google Drawings can be used by educators to engage  students while they are collaborating and communicating.

Eric Courts shares his presentations and ideas in an interesting website :

My suggestion is  just follow one of his webinars and you will learn more about Google and its apps.

Eric has a Twitter account and he shares his interesting ideas  online :

martedì 26 dicembre 2017

Teaching History and the Holocaust

While surfing online  last year I came across this interesting  website   Facing History: I learnt about  the best ways to teach about Tolerance and also the Holocaust.

Educators can find  interesting materials online, documents and also webinars  which can help them develop lessons about these topics.

Starting from January 2018  educators can find interesting webinars online- they are free and teachers can have access to the slides and  documents :

The first  webinar will be about the Holocaust  Memorial Day:

I am looking forward to these interesting webinars which will help me develop materials about  these events and people who  survived the Holocaust and have something to tell us about it.

 A lesson for Life. We should never forget what happened in the past and we should think about what is happening also today.

domenica 24 dicembre 2017

Flipped Learning and Wikis

Vance Stevens is  teacher of English and great supporter of  teachers who work with new technologies. He shares his  slides online and  runs interesting  events for  CPD. He is one of the teachers  who is also involved in EVO sessions in January and February every year.

He has been working for years  and works online by choosing  wikis and also sharing  his  interesting  virtual meetings  in wikis and in his groups on social media. 

He presented this  conference in November 2017 and provided some examples of what  he means by using  wikis  while choosing  Flipped Learning.  

Here is the link to his  wiki:

Vance uses wikis  with his classes  and also for  professional development.

All the documents and slides he   shares  are excellent documents worth reading and learning about.

This is the recording  about his speech in the conference :

You can find this interesting document online which we shared with us regarding  online professional development: